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Worried Home Buyer
Do you have confidence in the house you want to purchase? Are there hidden, costly, or even hazardous problems? We can help!

You CAN have FULL Confidence in the condition of the home you desire to purchase. We’ll give it a thorough check up!

Verteran Owned

We Help Busy Families Like Yours Uncover Problems, Before You Buy!

Our own personal, distasteful experiences have shaped how we do business.  Having experienced our own ambiguous inspections before, we strive to deliver what is important.  We have a highly skilled background and vast experience to uncover mechanical issues, water leaks, broken or subpar equipment, potential safety hazards and more.  We endeavor to give you the very best so that you can make the most informed and paramount decision for you and your family.

My entire life has been in the service of others, and I would not have it any other way.  We take pride in helping others.  Where would we be in this life without the help of friends and family?

Join the HiLo Family. Let Cory, Tracy and the team help you in this exciting and adventurous purchase.  You will feel confident knowing that you made the right choice and knew every detail about it when you sign those papers!

New Construction

Pre-pour Foundation

Ensure all cables are laid correctly, beams are dug properly, and everything is according to plans before they pour. Last thing you need is to have a toilet in the wrong spot, broken plumbing under the slab due to cable contact, or a malfunctioning foundation.

Phased Construction

Pre-Drywall, check wiring, plumbing, framing and other components BEFORE it is covered up with sheetrock. Now is the time to see behind the walls and save yourself months of headaches later.

Final Build

Don't rely on the builders inspectors, or the overworked city inspectors. We look out for YOU to make sure it was built correctly and functions correctly. We'll take the time to do it right and check every appliance and every system from High, to Low!

11 Month Warranty

See how your home has performed over the last 11 months, get the documentation you need to ensure the warranty company completes repairs.

Existing Homes

Pre-Sale Inspection

Find out what buyers will see when they have their inspection, get prepared for these items before they cost you the sale!

Home Purchase

Found your dream home? While you figure out where the couch goes, let us look at the grueling details to make sure that everything works as it should and is presented as advertised

Rental Property

Need to document a tenant move out? A yearly exam to ensure your rental home is protected? Last thing you need is to have an insurance claim denied due to unknown existing conditions. We can help!!

Additional Services

Foundation Level Check

Concerned that the foundation has settled? Cracks in the walls or flooring? We use an innovative ZipLevel to accurately measure your foundation giving you measurable results that can afford you peace of mind.

Wood Destroying Insects

Termites, beetles, bees and other wood destroying insects can be well hidden, and costly. Let us perform a WDI report for you, determine what measures you can take to prevent these intrusive and expensive invaders.

Mold Sampling

The world is a moldy place, and with our state of the art equipment, we can determine what may be lurking in your home. We provide on site inspections with spore trap sampling to give you accurate results of this possible health hazard. Know what type and possible causes!

Septic Inspections

Cousin Eddie said it best, but do you really want to find out when it's too late? Whether you are buying a new to you home, or just need to know if the stuff's gettin' deep, we've got you cov....we're here to help!

Roof Inspections

Weather here can be rough, and of course there are lots of folks ready to inspect your roof, because they want you to replace your roof. We offer non bias opinions, nothing to gain. Honest assessment on your first line of defense against the weather.

Thermal Imagery

Infrared technology has given insight to so many things in your home, it is literally like an MRI of your house. Detect water leaks, insulation gaps, even loose electrical connections in your homes electrical panel. We've even been known to find pets or pests!

Water Well

Having your own water source is fantastic, but it may come with some concerns. Let us inspect your water well to ensure that when you turn on the faucet, you get what you expect!

Pool and Spa

Your pool and spa can be the life of the party, or an unsightly hole in your back yard. Let us inspect your pool and equipment to make sure you can beat the summer heat in style. We have nothing to gain, just an honest assessment so you know what to expect.

Drone Certified

Nothing replaces an up close and personal inspection, however, sometimes you just can't get up there, or maybe you need some specific aerial photography shots. We are drone certified and have some of the best 4K HD camera and video equipment available.

Benefits to Having Your Home Inspected

Latest Technology

Find out more than just what is visible. Measurable reports. See inside the walls for leaks, gaps and other costly discrepancies. Discover expensive concerns before they become your nightmare.


Documentation of your home. Nameplate data, location of important valves or disconnects, document the status of your foundation. Document any safety concerns so you can properly address them.

Bargaining Power

Have the assessment you need, the facts and proof that may help you negotiate a fairer price, account for repairs that are needed or replacement of equipment.

Fully Qualified and Experienced

State Certified

Fully licensed and certified with the Texas Real Estate Commission as a Professional Real Estate Inspector. Also licensed as a Certified Applicator with Texas Agriculture.


Qualified as a Certified Professional Inspector with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.



Not just trained and certified in home inspections, but septic, wells, pools, HVAC, electrical and more. I was born and raised in residential construction. Since I could hold a hammer, I've swung one. Built, remodeled, and repaired; foundation to roof, I've done it all.

Verteran Owned

Simple no Hassle Process

Step 1: Schedule your Inspection

Book us online through our “Schedule Your Inspection” button, follow the easy steps, pick a time that works for you.  We’ll be in touch to make sure that everything is ready to go for you!  Rather call or text?  You can do that too! 

Step 2: We Perform Your Inspection

We’ll perform an in depth and thorough exam of the home.  If you like, you can come by for a debrief, or a phone call if you are unable to attend.  Rest assured, you and your agent will get the report the SAME DAY!!!!

Step 3: Enjoy the Benefit of Knowledge About the Home

Now you have all the documentation you need to make your next move!  And if you have more questions, we’re here to help!

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Cory went out immediately after I requested an appointment and was very professional and explained in detail what needed to be done. Recommend them 100%
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